Published 27/7/15   4:25PM

Dave's Diary: Robin Goes to Ethiopia

Addis Robins

Our director, David Hillman, visited the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 13th – 17th July. He kept a diary for us while he was there – have a read!


Published 14/7/15   12:18PM

A tax for our times!

Berlin stunt million strong

This week, ministers from every country on earth are meeting in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for the ‘Third Conference on Financing for Development.’  An incredibly important occasion at which governments must address the disparities of wealth and opportunity between their respective nations reflected in vast differences in areas such as clean water, access to medicines and basic education.


Published 5/6/15   11:14AM

The Robin Hood Tax could substantially contribute to climate finance

climate action

2015 is a huge year for climate politics and financing: world leaders will gather in Paris in December for a decisive climate conference, COP21, to secure a binding global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure funds are in place both to respond to the warming of the planet (adaptation) and cut carbon in future energy production (mitigation).


Published 11/3/15   3:54PM

Fines and Misdemeanours


From the Robin Hood Tax blog

As we pass the seven year mark since the beginning of the financial crisis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that little has changed in the banking world. Barely a week goes by without yet another bumper bonus announcement or a scandal.


Published 26/2/15   12:29PM

The Robin Hood Tax: fighting global poverty and climate change


The Robin Hood Tax is happening in Europe! As 11 countries finalise legislation for a common Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), calls are getting ever louder to lay claim to the billions that will be raised.


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