Published 5/11/14   5:53PM

France imperils FTT project

Finance Ministers of France, Italy and Spain have been heavily criticised for their efforts to water down legislation for a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) by more than 1000 civil society organisations from 11 European countries, representing more than 50 million European citizens.


Published 17/10/14   4:09PM

Fighting for the FTT

US-Climate-March-RHT 1

The campaign for the Robin Hood Tax in Europe is facing a serious threat – and we need all hands on deck to help us win!


Published 7/8/14   3:03PM

All eyes on Italy

Italian stunt cropped

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the new President of the European Council, is now in the driving seat to steer 11 countries to finalise Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) legislation by December. All eyes are on Italy to seal the deal.


Published 9/5/14   2:20PM

Robin Hood Tax storms ahead in Europe

Robin HoodTax Stunt Brussels 2014

In a historical agreement, 10 states sealed the deal for the introduction of Financial Transaction Taxes (FTTs) in a heated session at the meeting of European Finance Ministers on 6 May. George Osborne bristled as the countries led by Germany and France set out that FTTs would be introduced in stages, starting with shares and some derivatives, with revenue beginning to roll in next year.


Published 5/3/14   4:52PM

"FTT in May" say France and Germany

bill 2

The last month has been an extremely exciting one for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Our new Bill Nighy film has gone down a storm and France and Germany have announced their intention to agree an 11-country Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) before the European elections on 22 May.


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