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We’ve put together the best pick of films from the International Robin Hood Tax campaign for you to enjoy and share.

New Robin Hood Tax Film: Future News

The Banker is back!

Bill Nighy returns an all-star cast (including The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln and Harry Potter’s Clémence Poésy) in our new film Future News.

Watch the film to find out what a Robin Hood Tax could achieve in Europe and sign the Million Strong Petition here to help show that this is the most popular tax in history!

Bill Nighy visits Malawi

Breakthroughs in science mean the next generation could be AIDS free: but since the banking crash, rich countries’ commitments to fund treatment and care have dropped significantly, leaving a £1 billion shortfall. Watch Bill Nighy visit Malawi as he looks at the difference a Robin Hood Tax could make to those living with AIDS

The Banker

See Bill Nighy starring in our brilliant (even if we say so ourselves) launch film, seen by more than 1 million people.

Robin Hood Tax: a year of mobilisation and spectacular advances but the battle is not over!

A short online film from Oxfam that summarises the amazing success of the Robin Hood Tax campaign in France in 2011.

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