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The Robin Hood Tax Campaign is regularly quoted in key UK news outlets. A roundup of the campaign’s more in-depth media coverage can be seen below.

November 2014

Huffington Post: Sorry, Mylene: Yes, You Can Point At Things and Tax Them – and That’s What We Should Do To The City

October 2014

Guardian (Editorial): The Guardian view of new thinking on global inequality

July 2014

Daily Mail: Protestors ambush George Clinton during address to Melbourne AIDS conference

Al Jazeera: Protesters sound the climate alarm in global marches

May 2014

Left Foot Forward: George Osborne’s opposition to the Financial Transactions Tax is the height of madness

The Guardian: George Osborne bristles as EU moves closer to financial transaction tax

The Nation: The most popular tax in history has real momentum

The Guardian: George Osborne should be grateful for the Robin Hood tax

April 2014

Huffington Post: EU Throws Out George Osborne’s Robin Hood Tax Legal Challenge

The Guardian: UK opposition to financial transaction tax rejected

BBC News: ‘Robin Hood’ tax battles in EU

The Guardian: Barclays hit by protests at AGM over pay and bonuses

March 2014

The Guardian: High-frequency trading is a blight on markets that the Tobin Tax can cure

LabourList: 8 big ideas for a Miliband government

February 2014

Left Foot Forward: HSBC’s massive payout shows there is a real case for taxing bankers’ bonuses

Forbes: Harry Potter, Walking Dead Celebs Release ‘Robin Hood Tax’ Film

The Mirror (Datablog): Five reasons we should ignore the City’s dodgy data on the Robin Hood Tax

The Mirror: Watch satirical news broadcast starring Bill Nighy which slams UK for opposing banker tax intended to fight poverty

The Independent: Bill Nighy and Andrew Lincoln star in video supporting Robin Hood Tax

CNN: From Harry Potter to Robin Hood: Why film stars are battling Europe’s banks

The Guardian: Bill Nighy: How bankers could be heroes (and even help stop the floods)


December 2013 (Huffington Post): Britain Must Adopt a Financial Transaction Tax

October 2013 (The Guardian): Germany wants the Robin Hood Tax – and Europe’s voters do too

October 2013 (Huffington Post): Don’t believe the Hype – the Robin Hood Tax is Alive and Kicking

July 2013 (Huffington Post): Boris’ Curious Use of Facts in Attacking the Robin Hood Tax

July 2013 (New Statesman): A Financial Transaction Tax just makes good sense for Britain

July 2013 (The Guardian): Why Councils should get behind the Robin Hood Tax 

February 2013 (The Guardian): The Robin Hood tax takes a step closer

January 2013 (New Statesman): Europe moves to a financial transactions tax – will we follow?

And, some from earlier…

October 2012 (Liberal Conspiracy): Can a Robin Hood Tax help Labour win the next election?

October 2012 (The Guardian): Rejecting a Robin Hood Tax would be a spectacular own goal

September 2012 (Huffington Post): The Robin Hood Campaign: A Movement, and Now Legislation Too

August 2012 (New Statesman): A Robin Hood tax will stop the machines wiping out the market

May 2012 (Left Foot Forward): As Europe looks set to back a Robin Hood Tax, Cameron remains on the side of the Sheriff of Nottingham

March 2012 (The Guardian): Don’t believe bankers’ warnings about the Robin Hood tax

November 2011 (The Guardian): Bill Nighy takes Robin Hood tax to the G20

November 2011 (Huffington Post): Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Backs ‘Robin Hood Tax’ on banks

November 2011 (Huffington Post): Robin Hood Tax: Osborne Shows Us He is on the Side of the Sheriff of Nottingham

September 2011 (The Guardian): Bill Gates backs Robin Hood tax on bank trades

September 2011 (The Guardian): Bill Nighy: A Robin Hood tax could turn the banks from villains to heroes

August 2011 (The Guardian): The Robin Hood tax: A small step for capitalism, a big stride for development

April 2011 (The Guardian): Robin Hood tax: 1,000 economists urge G20 to accept Tobin Tax

March 2010 (The Guardian): Bring on the Robin Hood tax

February 2010 (The Guardian): Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy team up in new film urging Tobin Tax on bankers


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The Robin Hood Tax

Key Reading

Financial Transaction Tax: Myth Busting


Hillman D and Ashford C, 2012

Stamp Out Poverty have created an extremely useful ‘FTT Myth-Busting’ paper which covers 12 common ‘myths’ concerning the impact of the FTT which continue to be peddled by our opponents. All of which can be shown to be false.