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‘FTT in May’ say France and Germany

The last month has been an extremely exciting one for the Robin Hood Tax Campaign. Our new Bill Nighy film has gone down a storm and France and Germany have announced their intention to agree an 11-country Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) before the European elections on 22 May.

Supporters of the Robin Hood Tax campaign have been ramping up the pressure on European leaders to agree a strong FTT. A few weeks ago, urgent letters signed by over 300 European civil society organisations – representing more than 70 million citizens – were sent to decision makers in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria urging them to implement the broadest possible FTT, and to use the revenues to protect jobs and public services and deliver on international commitments to sustainable development, health and the combatting of climate change. These letters have clearly made a big difference with France and Germany publicly committing to an FTT and France shifting its position to one where it now supports the taxation of derivatives. This will add billions to the total amount the tax will raise!

And that’s not all! Bill Nighy, a great friend to the campaign, stars in our comical new film, released just over a week ago and already seen by more than 250,000 people. Alongside Bill, the film stars Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead), Javier Camara (Bad Education), Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter) and Heike Makatsch (The Book Thief). It is set in 2024 on the 10th anniversary of an introduction of an FTT in Europe. Make sure to see it and please snowball it as far and wide as you can. With your help, we can get over 300,000 views!

The film has proved popular all over Europeand beyond. Many national news outlets in the UK have covered the story – see, for example, Bill Nighy’s article in the Guardian. There has also been huge interest in France, Spain, Italy and Germany, as well as the United States, with CNN running the story. Celebrities and economists such as Stephen Fry, Lauren Laverne, Nick Frost and Jeffrey Sachs have Tweeted about the film. And, importantly, many more people have now signed the Million Strong Petition (the ask at the end of the film): over 660,000 actions have been taken so far – we’re almost two-thirds of the way to becoming Million Strong for the Robin Hood Tax!

The coming weeks are critical. We need to keep pressurising the leaders of the 11 European countries to agree a comprehensive FTT before the EU elections in May. One way of doing this is to show them that the Robin Hood Tax is the most popular tax in history by signing and sharing the Million Strong petition.

So, if you haven’t signed it, please do so now, and if you have, please encourage others to do so.

Thank you

The Stamp Out Poverty Team


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