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Thank You

Recently I was awarded the Sheila McKechnie Campaigning Award on behalf of the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Here’s a video of me accepting the award, including the story of how Goldman Sachs inadvertently helped us with the launch.

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all of your efforts. To my mind, without your actions the campaign would not have been recognised in this way.

However, despite the award, the fight for the Robin Hood Tax is far from over.

This government remains obsessed with protecting the interests of the City of London. So much so that it has launched a fruitless legal action against the European Robin Hood Tax.

But that won’t stop us! We know how important it is to rein in the banks’ irresponsible behaviour and how much we desperately need money to protect frontline services at home, fight poverty and combat climate change.

In response to austerity cuts, with your help we’ve succeeded in getting dozens of councils (representing over 7 million people) urging the UK government to introduce the Robin Hood Tax as part of the Bring Robin Home campaign.

Meanwhile, 11 pioneering European countries are going ahead with introducing the Robin Hood Tax next year. Despite this progress – because of the lobbying efforts of the financial sector – there is a danger that the tax might not be as strong as we need it to be.

So far, over 600,000 people have taken action pressing the EU 11 not to weaken their resolve. We’re delighted with the response, but we think we can be more ambitious still: which is why we’re looking to make this figure Million Strong!

We can only do this with your help. Please lend your voice to the campaign by signing here.

Together, let’s get the Robin Hood Tax we deserve!

I’ll finish by saying thanks again and keep up the great work!

Best wishes.

David Hillman

Director of Stamp Out Poverty and Founder of the Robin Hood Tax Campaign


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