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Never a better year for a Robin Hood Tax

7 years on from the financial crisis, the banks are still up to their old tricks! Coming out of a month dominated by bumper bonuses, scandals and fines, it’s clear that bank pay and practices are sorely out of touch with reality. We need real change to bring the financial sector back in line and to make sure it contributes to those who have been hardest hit by the crisis. With the FTT tantalisingly close in Europe, a general election coming up in the UK, and 3 huge climate and development summits this year, there’s never been a better time to join the call for a Robin Hood Tax.

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Fines and Misdemeanours

From the Robin Hood Tax blog

As we pass the seven year mark since the beginning of the financial crisis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that little has changed in the banking world. Barely a week goes by without yet another bumper bonus announcement or a scandal.



FTT off to a flying start in 2015!

The European Robin Hood Tax campaign has got off to a flying start in 2015, spear-headed by the most unlikely candidate, the country that only a month earlier had been holding up the process: France.



The Robin Hood Tax: fighting global poverty and climate change

The Robin Hood Tax is happening in Europe! As 11 countries finalise legislation for a common Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), calls are getting ever louder to lay claim to the billions that will be raised.



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