Published 30/11/11   2:26PM

The Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) makes it to the House of Lords

David Hillman, director of Stamp out Poverty, and Richard Gower, a senior policy advisor from Oxfam took the case for the FTT all the way to the House of Lords, to the EU Economic and Financial Affairs and International Trade Sub-Committee (phew) to be precise.


Published 18/11/11   2:23PM

Why is George Osborne siding with the 1%?

It’s time to breakdown the tired old arguments that our Chancellor seems to be churning out against a Robin Hood Tax recently. The Coalition government (Lib Dems as well as Conservatives) has decided to side with the 1% against the millions globally who are calling for a financial transactions tax (FTT) to raise money to tackle poverty at home and abroad.


Published 14/11/11   2:19PM

Bill Nighy supports a Robin Hood Tax in Cannes

Bill Nighy, a long-standing advocate of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, took our agenda all the way to the G20 in Cannes. The other Bill (Gates) also presented his excellent report advocating a Robin Hood Tax to G20 leaders as the solution needed in order to raise much needed revenue to meet the Millennium Development Goals.


Published 11/11/11   2:01PM

Tax havens: 1% haven, 99% haven't

Location: Cap, D’Ail, French-Monaco border

Purpose: Protest in favour of regulating tax havens – taxes are a social contract with society and by allowing companies to ‘creatively’ avoid them we are pushing developing countries further into poverty.

Monaco, is, of course, one of the biggest tax havens in the world. So, what does this mean?


Published 11/11/11   1:51PM

G20 Alternative Summit

The Stamp out Poverty team headed over to Nice for the Alternative G20 Summit and we had an incredibly eventful three days – activism, campaigning, protesting, workshop-ing…we did it all.

Here’s our breakdown of the Alternative G20 in terms of tax justice related issues.


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