Published 8/11/11   1:47PM

The Swedish facts and myths – facts and myths

Over the past couple of weeks, the Robin Hood Tax campaign has been hitting headlines across the globe. However, it’s not all positive, and some of those arguing against moves to introduce an FTT are trotting out the same tired example of the unsuccessful Swedish FTT as ‘proof’ of why an FTT would never work.

There’s lots of evidence to show why the FTT would work, be easy to implement, and raise billions for good causes. There are also examples of dozens of FTTs across the globe which can show us just how easy and successful FTTs can be (including 7 of the G8 countries). Indeed one of the most successful FTT is the UK’s stamp duty.



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Take Action!

Support the Robin Hood Tax campaign – visit the website to find out how you can get involved.