Campaign films

We’ve put together the best pick of films from the International Robin Hood Tax campaign for you to enjoy and share.

Robin Hood Tax: a year of mobilisation and spectacular advances but the battle is not over!

A short online film from Oxfam that summarises the amazing success of the Robin Hood Tax campaign in France in 2011.

Difficult Labour

Oxfam Germany have released a brilliant new video in support of a Robin Hood Tax.
Germany is one of the 11 European countries set to implement a Financial Transaction Tax in 2014 through the method of ‘Enhanced Cooperation’ in the EU.
And this video suggests just how painless the process will actually be…

MC Money Penny

Very entertaining rap shot at Occupy Wall Street about taxing the banks.

The Robin Hood Tax : Its' a no-brainer

Actors Bill Nighy, Noel Clarke, Tom Felton and Joe Dempsie went down to MUTATE Britain’s Robin Hood Tax exhibition to remind us why this idea is a no brainer.

Take Action!

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