Published 17/02/14   1:54 pm

Over 300 Civil Society Organisations call on European leaders to implement a strong Robin Hood Tax

Over 300 Civil Society Organisations, representing more than 70 million European citizens, wrote last week to European leaders and top ministers in advance of vital discussions on the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) at a Franco-German Summit in Paris on 19th February, specifically to:

  • President Francois Hollande in France
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel, Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble, and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel in Germany
  • Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Minister of Economy and Finance Fabrizio Saccomanni in Italy
  • President Mariano Rajoy in Spain
  • Chancellor Werner Faymann and Minister of Finance Michael Spindelegger in Austria.

The letters urge them to implement the broadest possible FTT that includes derivatives, and to use the revenues to protect jobs and public services and deliver on international commitments to sustainable development, health and the combatting of climate change.

European leaders have been sent a clear message that they enjoy a vast level of backing from civil society to implement an ambitious FTT that could raise as much as €34 billion a year in additional revenue to combat austerity in Europe, save lives internationally, combat climate change and help create a more stable financial system – and not be swayed by the scare-mongering and lobbying of the financial sector as it attempts to preserve its own interests.

The incredible level of support for an FTT has been demonstrated all across Europe – from trade unions to faith groups to anti-poverty and green campaigners, from Spain to Germany, from France to Greece and the UK.

David Hillman, spokesperson for the Robin Hood Tax campaign, said:

“Millions of people have shown their support, loud and clear, for an FTT – it’s time for European leaders to listen to these citizens and implement what could be the most popular tax in history.”

Read the full list of signatories here.

Add your support to the campaign by signing the Million Strong Petition here.

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