Published 23/05/16   12:58 pm


Thousands of organisations, representing 140 million European citizens in 39 countries tell leaders that #TheTimeIsNow for the FTT.

In December 2015, the leaders of 10 European countries including France and Germany gave themselves a deadline – to agree the world’s first regional financial transactions tax (FTT) by June 2016. That time is upon us and our eyes are on them.

If politicians say ‘yes’ to a strong deal on 17 June the FTT could raise billions for people and planet, helping to fight against climate change and poverty at home and abroad. A doubly beneficial tax, not only would the FTT bring in much needed revenue for government coffers, it could also provide greater oversight to financial authorities, greatly helping in the battle against tax dodgers.

Not surprisingly, the financial sector is trying its very best to derail the process. They are putting pressure on politicians to change their minds and doing all they can to weaken the agreement in June. But, citizens across Europe are showing strength in numbers. They are sending strong messages to the politicians to make them listen to the people and those who could benefit most from the FTT.

Thousands of organisations, representing 140 million European citizens in 39 countries have signed a letter putting pressure on the 10 heads of states, urging them to keep to their promise to finalise a strong agreement in June. And it isn’t just organisations who are piling on the pressure, celebrities like Bill Nighy are backing the campaign and telling governments to keep to their word and agree the FTT in June as a matter of urgency.

“History could be made this year with a tiny tax on transactions. The leaders of these ten countries must not hesitate. It’s an emergency. There is no attractive reason for delay.” Bill Nighy

This is the closest we have ever been to an agreement and we need to keep the pressure up.

Tell leaders: be on the side of the people, not the financial sector – keep your promise and seal the deal for an FTT in June.

Take action now!

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