Stamp Out Poverty Campaign : Update - February 2006

Stamp Out Poverty doubles supporter numbers thanks to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY

We are delighted to announce a dramatic increase in the number of our supporters as many people have recently joined us from the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign. We extend you a warm welcome.

You join us at a very exciting time as the first tax dedicated to international development is due to be launched at the end of this month (see below). The tax takes the form of a very small levy on the price of airline tickets (for more information click here).

There is still much negotiation about the amount each country will contribute and where exactly it will be spent. That is why, if you have not done so already, please send this URGENT MESSAGE to Gordon Brown. When you click the link it takes just seconds to send him this important email.


President Chirac to open ground-breaking Air Ticket Levy conference

President Jacques Chirac will open the ground-breaking conference of international ministers in Paris on February 28th, which will agree the implementation of an Air Ticket Levy to finance development. This marks a significant milestone for campaigners from many countries who have argued the need for this sort of initiative over a number of years. Participating countries are signatories of the ‘Declaration on Innovative Sources of Finance for Development’ launched at the UN Millennium Review summit last September (for full list click here).

Although 79 countries signed the declaration, it is believed that about 6 will commit funds at this stage. This includes the UK, although at this time it is far from clear how much we will contribute (see urgent action above).

In a recent letter inviting Stamp Out Poverty to participate in the conference, French Ministers Philippe Douste-Blazy and Thierry Breton, expressed their country’s commitment to drive forward the development financing agenda, calling for a ‘proactive response on the part of the entire international community’ to offer the world’s most ‘fragile populations a genuine alternative to resignation and despair’.

Powerful new report launched at Stamp Out Poverty international conference

Stamp Out Poverty’s international conference, held at Camden Town Hall on Saturday 19 November, not only launched our powerful new report, A Sterling Solution, but also marked the unprecedented achievements the campaign made during 2005. The report, written by City experts, shows exactly how a tax on sterling foreign exchange transactions can be plumbed into the financial system with the potential to increase UK aid by £1.8 billion each year. To download the full report or a one-page summary click here.

The best part of 100 people participated in the event including representatives from our European sister organisations in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. Interest spread to governments, with Norway sending a senior finance ministry official to attend, reflecting their commitment to spearhead new aid initiatives. For the full story of the conference and report launch, click here.

AMICUS joins Stamp Out Poverty

We are pleased to announce that the trade union, AMICUS, has affiliated to the Stamp Out Poverty network. AMICUS is the UK’s largest manufacturing union with over one million members in the public and private sectors. We send a warm message of welcome to all AMICUS members. Thank you for joining the campaign to Stamp Out Poverty.