Working with images

WordPress stores images and other attachments in the Media Library, which you can access from the main menu on the left of any of the admin pages. Click Media -> Add New to upload images from your computer. You can also do this via the Upload/Insert link above the row of buttons at the top of the editing panel – which also allows you to place the image you upload (or any other image in the Library) onto the page at the text insertion point.

Before uploading a photo, check that its pixel dimensions are compatible with its maximum intended use.

When you upload an image, WordPress labels this as the full-size version and then automatically generates some additional, smaller size versions. If the picture isn’t big enough to do all the size options, you will notice that when you come to insert it then some of these sizes won’t be available. The available values are: thumbnail, medium, large and full. These sizes are pre-defined to fit the various column sizes in the site.

Picture sizes on this site

Wingfinger to confirm

Thumbnail – 100px square – for tiny pics.
Medium – Max width or height of 300px – for images inserted on the right of main column.
Large – 806x491px
Large – 1200x1200px – for slideshow images
Full – The original size you uploaded it as.

Adding images to pages and posts

On this site we can add an image as:

  • a featured image which appears at the top of the page/post and also when the post/page appears elsewhere
  • an image in the main column

See Working with posts for instructions on how to insert these.