What We Do

Stamp Out Poverty campaigns for powerful, practical ideas.
Ideas that will raise the money to end extreme poverty and fight climate change.
Ideas that bring accountability to the industries behind these problems.


Stamp Out Poverty campaigns for the Robin Hood Tax on trades by banks and other big speculators, so the finance sector meets the cost of its own crises and makes a fairer contribution to society.

We campaign for the Climate Damages Tax on fossil fuels at the point of extraction, so the fossil fuel industry foots the bill for the damage caused to vulnerable countries by climate change.

Our Vision

Stamp Out Poverty believes that a world without extreme poverty, death from preventable diseases or devastation from climate change is not only possible but entirely achievable. The means to overcome these problems are within our grasp – the money is out there – if politicians are willing to act, and get this money to where it is needed.

We urgently need money to reverse cuts to our public services. We need it to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS. And we need it to support communities on the front line of climate change.

Stamp Out Poverty campaigns for powerful, practical ways to raise the money needed to end global poverty and tackle climate change. We believe the best ways to do this are ones that are:

  • BIG – small-scale, voluntary contributions will not be enough, these problems need large and long-lasting sources of funding.
  • FAIR – those parts of society that can afford to, should make a greater contribution.
  • JUST – those benefiting from the growth of global finance, and the production of fossil fuels, should cover the cost imposed by their actions on the rest of the world.

Our Mission

Stamp Out Poverty works with world-respected academics, thought leaders and industry insiders to develop ideas that are both practical and popular. We build exciting campaigns for these ideas with other civil society groups in the UK, Europe and globally.

And then we take these campaigns to the public, to the media and to decision makers at every level, making sure they know why more money is urgently needed – and we keep going until they make it a reality.


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Take Action!

Support the Robin Hood Tax campaign – visit the website to find out how you can get involved.

Take Action!

Support the Climate Damages Tax campaign – contact us to find out how you can get involved.